Demo 2013

by Dernier Combat

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released April 19, 2013

Recorded @ Baby On Board Records



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Dernier Combat Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Vicious Intent
You wonder why I hate you
Why I feel such contempt
As if I’m somehow unaware
Of your vicious intent

Vicious intent

You wanna seize my world
And strip away all I love
You take pleasure in worsening the lives
Of those afflicted by drugs

You make your living filling prisons
That’s where you want to put me

Look at all the senseless violence
All the incarcerated lives
While those sworn to protect
Only perpetuate more crime

You wonder why I hate you
You make me fucking sick
I Won’t play your fucking games
I Won’t support your power trip

I’ll be ready and armed when you come for me
Because that’s the only option I see
You want me to go down
But I’ll never go in peace

I say that it’s you that should get a real job
You know a pig is a pig but these fuckers
Act like the mob
Track Name: Addiction
Now I find myself going back again
It’s been years since I've felt this way
I guess sometimes old habits don’t die hard
They only wait until you can’t keep them at bay

I never kicked the habit
I slipped up again

Now I turn to you seeking solace in a friend
To fill the void in my life
But it always seems so useless in the end
When love is just another high